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Frequently Asked Questions about Flipbooks

What is a flipbook?
A flipbook is a small book with a series of pictures. When the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures animate your seven second video clip that was shot while using our mobile flipbook studio.
Why Flipbooks Hawaii?

Flipbooks are fun for people of all ages. They provide both entertainment and a take home favor which makes Flipbooks Hawaii perfect for any event.

How much does it cost to have Flipbooks Hawaii at my wedding, party or event?

Please click on our Packages page to find our most up to date rates. If you don’t see a package that you’re looking for, contact us at or 808.664.1247 to inquire about creating a custom package for your event.

Will Flipbooks Hawaii be appropriate for my event?
Absolutely! Flipbooks Hawaii is fun for everyone. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Can you customize the flipbook cover?
Yes. We can create a custom cover for your event including photos, names, monograms; whatever you would like! If you already have an image you’d like to use, no problem, we can use that as well!
What do you need to set up at my event?
All we need is a 12’ x 12’ foot area, standard electrical wall outlet and two six-foot tables with linens and skirts to match your setting decor. If needed, we can bring along our own tables.
What if my event is outdoors?
Not a problem. But please know that all outdoor events must be approved prior to any booking. Outdoor events also require an additional $50 fee. Please contact us so that we can work out all the details to ensure that your outdoor event runs smoothly!
Can I send you a video and have you make flipbooks?
Of course! Please contact us and we will provide you with additional information.
How many people can fit in one video?
As many as you can squeeze into the screen. In our experience flipbooks work best with six people or less.
What is a personalized scroll message?
Our state of the art software and technology allows you to display a personalized scroll message on all of the flipbooks for your event. As your guests flip through their books the message you have chosen will scroll across the bottom of the flipbook like a news headline. It is a great way to thank your guests for being a part of your event and to make each flipbook that much more memorable.
How many flipbooks can you make in an hour?
Our mobile flipbook studio is fast and efficient. On average we can make about 50 flipbooks per hour. But this depends on how many takes and re-takes each guest and group makes when creating their seven second video clip.
Can I have multiple flipbooks printed?
Yes and No. We do our best to print as many flipbooks as requested and while we can generally shoot and produce a flipbook in less than two minutes, there may come times during peak periods of your event that we are unable to print more than one flipbook per group. For example, if a group of six people shoot a video and each person requests a flipbook: that will take us almost 12 minutes to print and assemble each guest a flipbook. Unfortunately this creates a backlog in our printing and production and the rest of your guests will have to wait at least that long before we can even begin working on their flipbook. We have found that there is a natural downtime at events and this gives us time for guests to come back and request additional flipbooks, and allows us to catch up on larger printing requests.

What Flipbooks Hawaii for your next event?

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